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LingXM and You

LingXM uses the power of Data Analysis to enhance your language learning.

Whatever your level of knowledge, with LingXM you have a great tool for your needs.


Choose words or phrases you want to practice in a particular language and the LingXM system delivers real-life examples of their uses.


Choose to show results that are suited to your level of knowledge by changing the difficulty and length settings.



About LingXM

LingXM is a Berlin-based project that uses technology to provide language students with abundant practice material.

The theoretical foundation of LingXM is the concept of "Technology-Assisted Incremental Immersion" (TAII), developed by founder Panos Destanis.

To find out how the alpha version of LingXM works, click here.


Contact Us

"For more information, suggestions, inquiries, contact us at contact [at] lingxm.com"